Kitchen Taps

What is a kitchen tap and how does it work? What are the different types of taps and what are their benefits? These are common questions people have about these fittings, and we'll answer those questions below.

What Is It And How Does It Work

They are fittings that control the supply of water. In this case, they are installed on a kitchen ceramic sink. Taps are also sometimes called faucets. Regardless of what they are called, they are used to turn on/off the water supply of the sink. There are hot and cold taps, with one being used to deliver cold water and the other hot water.

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Why Do People Use Taps

The reasons are endless, with one of the main ones being they are used to was dishes. People use taps to fill up their kitchen sink with hot water, and then they do the dishes. Other uses include rinsing out cups, bowls etc. . ., getting drinking water, rinsing off food and washing hands. These are a few of the many ways people use their kitchen sinks/taps for.

Types Of Kitchen Taps

There are many types of taps. They include pull-out, pull-down, single-handle and dual-handle. Other types include commercial style, separate, pot filler and motion detection taps. Make note that sometimes these are called by different names, depending on where you are shopping for them.

Benefits Of Different Taps

The benefit of each kitchen tap include:

. Pull-out- This faucet is pulled out towards you. It allows you to easily hose down produce, you can control water with just one hand and it can be installed on various types of sinks.

. Pull-down- These types of faucets come equipped with a spray wand that you can pull down into the sink. This makes doing dishes and washing produce easy.

. Single-handle- Single handles allow you to turn to the right or left for either hot or cold water. There is no messing around with knobs or anything of that nature. Some people find single-handle taps much easier to use.

. Dual-handle- One of the best things about dual-handle taps is they are easy to install. The chances are you can do it yourself. Not only that, but they look good.

. Commercial style- The best thing about this kind of tap is its flexibility. The way its design will give any kitchen a more modern look.

. Separate spray- This design features a separate spray tap. You simply pull the spray device out of the faucet and use it. It is more convenient for those who don't want a pull-out tap.

. Pot filler- The main advantage of this tap is it moves outward and it designed to wash large pots or other big items in the sink.

. Motion detection- This is a more modern type of tap. When you place your hands or an item under it, the water will come out. It will stop flowing when you move away from the tap.

Now you have a basic idea of what kitchen taps are, how they work, why people use them, the different types and the benefits of them. All you have to do now is start shopping around for taps and buy the ones you like the most.